The Qt Company

Webinar: Getting started with Qt for MCUs 1.0

The recent launch of Qt for MCUs 1.0 – the new Qt Quick Ultralite rendering engine, running on bare metal, with Ultralite Controls and an optimized subset of QML enables you to create smartphone-like user experiences on microcontrollers, reuse source code across ARM-based architectures fast and efficient with the familiar Qt Creator IDE and tools.

Webinar Overview:

• Feature overview of Qt for MCUs 1.0
• Installation and project set-up
• UI design and development
• Integrating C++ code with QML
• Deployment to hardware with board-specific toolchains
• Testing and debugging
• Enabling multi-language support at runtime
• Q&A Please take the opportunity to follow the steps live on-screen and code along with us! For this, you will need
• A Qt for MCUs 1.0 (evaluation or commercial) license
• An STM32F769 or NXP RT1050 board

Speaker: Yoann Lopes, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, The Qt Company

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