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Squish GUI Tester by froglogic

Automated GUI testing of today's increasingly complex software applications is needed to develop and ship high-quality products. The rise of modern graphical user interfaces and their development in a diverse technology landscape demand next-generation testing tools to support this dynamic development and to ensure quality.

The Squish GUI Tester  is the tool of choice for several thousand companies worldwide to automate the functional regression and system tests of their graphical user interfaces and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). A 100% cross-platform, cross-device tool, Squish features:

Squish for Qt: A Dedicated Package

froglogic offers a dedicated Squish edition for Qt-based applications. With Squish for Qt, it's possible to automate functional GUI tests of your Qt applications on any desktop, mobile or embedded system. The edition features full support for all Qt widgets, QML and Qt Quick controls as well as embedded Qt Webkit and Qt WebEngine content. For Qt GUI test automation on embedded targets, froglogic offers a Squish for Qt Embedded SDK & Support package to enable HMI tests on embedded devices. For Qt applications that embed native Windows controls, the Squish for Qt edition can be custom built with Squish for Windows to automate these hybrid applications. With Squish for Qt, you will benefit from cross-platform and cross-device support, remote- and multi-application testing and other Squish features agnostic to the edition, as a powerful IDE for script authoring and debugging full BDD integration and integration via CI and ALM systems, and more. 

What Others Are Saying About Squish

"The ease of use of Squish along with the object map which can be used to reduce the maintenance of tests were two key factors. And support of multiple operating systems and technologies — especially for Qt and Linux — was also very important." - ARM

“The Squish software gave us the tools to build appropriate test sequences and to implement them in the Squish framework for testing. The testing saved us hours of work and much frustration on the part of the persons who use the database system.” - St. Vincent de Paul Society

“What’s really key for us, having to do end-to-end integration testing and not normally having access to all the source code, is a tool like Squish that can talk to an application on Linux and one on Windows…it provides exactly what we need.” - skyguide

"In my opinion it [Squish for Qt] is a very good testing tool and quite intuitive and easy to use. I was using it in conjunction with Qt and it was very nice experience." - Evaluator from REC Global

Customer Success in Any Industry

froglogic's Squish GUI Tester is used by leading companies in diverse industry segments, including Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Press & Media and more.

Read about how Squish is being used to automate the navigation system in your car, create safer, more efficient air travel for Switzerland, or ensure product quality for industrial protection relays in our customer success stories:

Does Your Car Have an In-Vehicle Navigation System? Then It May Have Been Tested Using Squish Customer Success at TeleNav

The ABB Group, a Global Leader in Electrification Products, Uses Squish to Ensure Quality and Safety of Their Protection Relays Customer Success at The ABB Group

Creating Safer Skies: How skyguide Uses the Squish GUI Tester to Improve Safety and Efficiency of the Swiss Airspace Customer Success at skyguide

Creating Safer Skies Pt. II: State-of-the-Art Air Traffic Monitoring at Tern Systems Customer Success at Tern Systems

An Intro to the Squish GUI Tester

This presentation introduces you to automated GUI regression testing with the Squish GUI Tester, the cross-platform solution for Qt, Qt/E, Java AWT/SWT, Web, iOS, Android, Windows .NET, MFC, Native Mac, and more.

Why Squish?

The Squish GUI Tester offers unparalleled support for automating functional regression tests for virtually any toolkit on any platform. Whether you are looking to automate end-to-end tests of companion apps for connected cars, bring your embedded medical device to market or test a new iOS/Android mobile app, Squish can meet your needs.

Choose froglogic's Squish if you are looking for a product unmatched in its breadth and depth of transforming your solutions into high-quality, user experience-focused, top-notch products.


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