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A Code Coverage Toolchain.


A key indicator to measure the quality of testing is to understand how much of your application’s source code is covered by the tests at hand. Today’s software testing efforts demand code coverage toolchains that are versatile enough to support cross-platform and cross-compiler setups, comprehensive in the testing strategies they cover (i.e., unit testing, interactive and acceptance testing), and of course, easy to implement in a continuous test process. 

Enter froglogic’s product Squish Coco, a complete, cross-platform, cross-compiler toolchain for code coverage analysis of C/C++/C# and QML-based applications. Coco offers automatic source code instrumentation, allowing the user to measure test coverage of statements, conditions and branches without making any changes to the application under test. Analysis of the instrumented application can be used to understand how much of the application’s source code has been hit by tests, which additional tests need to be written, how the test coverage has changed over time and more.

Advanced Features for Advanced Software

Squish Coco offers advanced features to help users produce in-depth code coverage metrics for their applications, including:

A Streamlined Process for Obtaining Coverage Data in Real-Time 

Coco can be coupled with froglogic's Squish GUI Tester - an all-in-one tool for the creation, maintenance and execution of automated functional GUI tests - for those users looking to incorporate their GUI testing efforts into their overall code coverage efforts. This coupling allows engineers to garner code coverage results of automated GUI tests maintained by the Squish GUI Tester using Squish Coco. The same instrumented application used for GUI testing can be used to incorporate coverage data of interactive tests or tests written with a unit test framework. For GUI tests in Squish or unit tests in a framework which are fed to a Continuous Integration system, Coco can be paired with this workflow to offer automatic updates to the coverage based on commits to the two testing methodologies. The result? A streamlined process for getting coverage data in real-time, even in the face of modifications or updates to the test processes. 

Coco Qualification Kit: Reaching Safety-Critical Standards 

froglogic offers a Tool Qualification Kit for Squish Coco for those cases where safety protocols mandate that tools involved in testing safety-critical software be qualified in order to reach certification. 

The Coco Qualification Kit supports achieving certification for several safety standards, including:

  • ISO 26262: Road Vehicles - Functional Safety
  • EN 50128: Railway Applications
  • DO 178C: Airborne Systems
  • IEC 61508: Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems
  • IEC 62304: Medical Device Software - Software Life Cycle Processes
  • ISO 13485: Medical Devices - Quality Management Systems 

Each kit we offer is designed on a case-by-case basis, fully customized to the safety context of your software, and results in a set of documents that can be made available to the appropriate authorities for tool qualification in order to reach a safety-critical standard. Benefit from enormous time savings, transparency in your department's test procedures, and peace of mind during safety audits through the use of the fully comprehensive, fully customized Kit.

What others are saying about Squish Coco:

 "In a complex case, I have used Coco for coverage analysis. It worked out of the box and made a very good impression to me and my colleagues." - Siemens

"So far the tool has performed well. We are also quite happy with the features your tool employs and its significant advantage over its competing products in the market." - Coco Evaluator

“Using the tool Coco, and measuring MC/DC, was essential for us to reach these [safety certification] levels." - The Qt Company

Webinar: Code Coverage and Measuring the Impact of a Patch

Watch the recorded webinar to view Coco in action. Gain insight into your testing coverage by identifying redundant tests, untested or dead code, and view the impact of a patch on the code coverage.

[![Coco Webinar](](

Why Coco?

Choose Squish Coco if you are looking for a code coverage tool that is advanced yet easy to use, broad in its feature set, works out-of-the-box and can give your development and QA teams the confidence needed to turn around high-quality, well-tested products, no matter the project size or scope.


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