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Qt Charts provides a set of easy to use chart components. It uses the Qt Graphics View Framework, therefore charts can be easily integrated into modern user interfaces. Qt Charts can be used as QWidgets, QGraphicsWidget, or QML types. Users can easily create impressive graphs by selecting one of the chart's themes. 

Chart types

Dynamic charts

It is possible to add data to charts dynamically and to make the chart view scroll automatically to display the new data.

Interactive charts

End users can interact with charts by dynamically adding values to them, drilling down into data, zooming into and out of charts, scrolling charts, and clicking items in charts or hovering the mouse over them.

Users can use the keyboard for zooming and scrolling. They can scroll charts by using the arrow keys and zoom into or out of charts by using the plus and minus keys. In addition, QRubberBand can be used for selecting the area to zoom into.

On touch devices, gestures can be used for panning and zooming.


A theme is a built-in collection of UI style-related settings applied to all the visual elements of a chart, such as colors, pens, brushes, and fonts of series, as well as axes, title, and legend.

Qt Charts comes with the following predefined themes:

  • Light theme, which is the default theme
  • Cerulean blue theme
  • Dark theme
  • Sand brown theme
  • Natural color system (NCS) blue theme
  • High contrast theme
  • Icy blue theme
  • Qt theme

The themes can be customized by changing the colors, pens, brushes, and fonts. New themes can be added by modifying the Qt Charts source code.



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