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Qt-based barcode abstraction layer/library. It provides unified access to the generation of barcodes with data.

Prison Overview

Prison has a prison::AbstractBarcode, which is the base class for the actual barcode generators, currently prison::QRCodeBarcode and prison::DataMatrixBarcode is the two implemented barcode generators.

It currently ships a BarcodeWidget, which is a QWidget with a barcode painted upon, as well as a BarcodeItem, which is a QGraphicsItem with a barcode painted upon.

Supported Barcode types

There are basically two types of barcodes:

  • barcodes that carry the data
  • barcodes that carry a lookup number, and requires a specific server to look up the actual data.

prison isn't as such designed for the latter, it will probably work, but patches implementing barcode support for such barcodes will not be accepted. An example is EZCode.

Prison is currently using libdmtx for the generation of DataMatrix barcodes and is currently using libqrencode for the generation of QRCode barcodes

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