Getting Started with Felgo – Online Training, November 10th

Introduction to Felgo and its role within the Qt ecosystem.

Maximum number of participants: 8
Time: Tuesday the 10th of November
Duration: 10 AM to 5 PM (CEST). Including lunch break (30-45 minutes) and one or two (10-15 minutes) coffee breaks.
Place: Online (Zoom meeting)
Price per participant: $399
Language: English 

Enroll on the 6th of November at the latest to reserve a seat!

Training Content

This training is best suited for engineers who are new to Felgo or want to improve their Felgo skills. A basic understanding of programming and code, as well as a basic knowledge of QML programming, is required.

In 6 hours, you will learn:

  • Introduction to the Felgo SDK
  • How to integrate Felgo with existing Qt projects and the Qt SDK
  • Felgo APIs & Features Overview
  • Introduction to Felgo Tooling & Products for improved Qt development
    Hot Reload
    • Cloud Builds
    • Cloud IDE
  • Programming and Hands-on with Felgo
  • Further topics and outlook

Live coding exercises will be included in the training!

Lecturer: FELGO (Qt Technology Partner & Qt Service Partner) 

System Requirements and downloads

Please contact 

info@qt.io or help@felgo.com directly for any questions or comments regarding the Getting Started with Felgo training sessions.

If you can't make this session, 

tailor-made courses for 

Qt on Android & iOS and other topics are available for you and your colleagues. Reach out to the Qt Training Team or 

the FELGO Training Team for inquires. Both teams also have a wide range of additional bespoke services available. Check out the complete Qt and FELGO offering.

The event details may be subject to change.


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