QtcDevPlugin Installation Instructions


  • git clone https://github.com/pasccom/QtcDevPlugin.git


  • Qt Creator sources
  • Qt Creator source build


To compile this file, you will need to give some information to qmake about the location of Qt Creator files on your system. For this, you have two alternatives:

  • Either set the environment variables QTC_BUILD and QTC_SOURCES to the path to Qt Creator build tree and Qt Creator source tree respectively; or
  • Write a file called QtCreator.local.pri containing the following code:
# Qt Creator source tree:
# Qt Creator build tree:

An example file (QtCreator.local.pri.example) is provided along with the sources.

Further build-related configuration options can be provided with QtcDevPlugin.local.pri. Again an example file (QtcDevPlugin.local.pri.example) is provided along with the sources.


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