Qt Aseman Installation Instructions

How to Install

Currently binary packages only available on the ubuntu (launchpad) repositories. To install it on the ubuntu 20.04 LTS:QAseman Core modules

Some models and abstract models with better experiance

Encrypt algorithms tools

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aseman/qt-modules
sudo apt install qt5aseman


and to install development files install qt5aseman-dev package.

How to build

QtAseman uses standard Qt module mechanisms and it only depends on Qt libraries. Therefor it's quite easy to build on all platforms. Just clone it and build it easily:

git clone https://github.com/Aseman-Land/QtAseman.git
cd QtAseman
mkdir build && cd build
qmake -r ..
make -jn, where n is the number of jobs you want to use
make install


The easiest way to build is to open it using QtCreator and click on the build icon :) Afterwards just run make install command to install it in the Qt location.


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