Baloo Installation Instructions


git clone git://


  • ECM 5.64.0
  • Qt5DBus
  • Qt5Widgets
  • Qt5Qml
  • Qt5Quick
  • Qt5Test
  • KFileMetaData
  • KDBusAddons
  • KIO
  • Solid
  • KCrash
  • KAuth
  • KIdleTime
  • KConfig
  • KI18n
  • Inotify

Build instructions


On Arch Linux, install the following libraries:

$ sudo pacman -S ki18n kconfig kidletime kcrash solid kio kdbusaddons kfilemetadata 

Setting up the development environment

Baloo installs a number of executables and libraries. While these can be installed in /usr/, that requires root access and typically interfers with the distro packages. Instead we prefer installing Baloo locally, and updating the required environment variables. This isolates environment also protects us from mistakes.

Python development typically also uses an isolated environment called a virtual environment. For now we can just use their tool.

1 $ sudo pacman -S python-virtualenv
2 $ mkdir ~/baloo-env
3 $ cd ~/baloo-env
4 $ git clone git://
5 $ mkdir build
6 $ cd build
7 $ cmake baloo -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=~/baloo-env
8 $ make -j4
9 $ make install

This builds and installs Baloo in the virtual environment.



target_link_libraries(yourapp KF5::Baloo)



QT += Baloo 

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