Qt for MCUs 101 – Online Training, 24th June Qt for MCUs 101 – Online Training, 24th June


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Qt for MCUs 101 Online Training provides you the basic skills to start working with Qt for Microcontroller Units.

Maximal number of participants: 20
Time: Wednesday 24th June
Duration: 10:00 to 16:00 CEST. Including lunch break (30-45 minutes) and two or three (10-15 minutes) coffee breaks.
Place: Online (Zoom meeting)
Price per participant: $399 / €350

Enroll 19th June at the latest to reserve a seat!

Training Content

During the 1st training session, you’ll learn the basics and get your hands dirty with the Qt for MCUs. The lecturer, Jacek who is one of Qt for MCUs creators, will introduce you to the new Qt Quick Ultralite rendering engine, running on bare metal, with Ultralite Controls and an optimized subset of QML enables you to create smartphone-like user experiences on microcontrollers, reuse source code across ARM-based architectures fast and efficient with the familiar Qt Creator IDE and tools.

In five hours, you will learn:

  • Qt for MCUs package contents
  • Building and running application using command line
  • Qt for MCUs application build process
  • CMake API
  • Qt for MCUs specific components
  • Configuring Qt Creator
  • Asset management
  • Styling controls
  • Internationalization
  • C++/QML integration

Practice makes perfect – there will be live coding exercise included in the training. You’ll create your very first Qt for MCUs application!

Lecturer: Jacek Nijaki, Software Architect C++ , Siili Auto Oy as Qt Premium Partner

System requirements

  • Zoom application
  • Microsoft Windows is the only supported operating system for development.
  • Linux and macOS support is planned (no release date).
  • Qt for MCUs Evaluation Package 1.2. You will be granted trial license for Qt for MCUs 1 week before the training. It will be valid for 3 weeks. Please make sure and install it with the requirements.


  • Qt Creator 4.12.2


  • CMake 3.17 (or higher)


  • MSVC v142 - VS 2019 C++ x64/x86 build tools OR the corresponding 2017 version
  • Windows 10 SDK


For any questions or comments regarding the Qt for MCUs training, please contact info@qt.io and we look forward to connecting with you about the upcoming and future Qt for MCUs training(s).