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The plugin allows to view databases, supported by QtSql module.

One of the most valuable resources today is information. Therefore, quite often when developing programs, one has to deal with databases (DB) that store it.

Qt provides a fairly convenient interface (QtSql) for interacting with various database management systems (DBMS). But when writing programs working with the database, in addition to observing the purely technical requirements of the DBMS, it is also necessary to take into account the structure of the stored information. Because a correct call to an incorrect query will not return correct results.

This issue is solved easier if we develop our own database and will be its only user. But in this case, periodically there is a need to see “what is stored there now?”. This question arises much more often if we connect to an existing database.

As you know, in Qt Creator there are no tools that facilitate the development of applications that work with the database. This plugin is designed to mitigate this drawback (in terms of working with SQL databases).

Key features

  • Support for an arbitrary number of connections (with various DBMS drivers and connection parameters);
  • View a list of database tables, their contents and structure (schema);
  • Execution of arbitrary SQL queries;
  • Export the contents of a table or query result.

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