over-the-air software updates

It provides a secure and robust OTA software update manager for embedded and connected devices. over-the-air software updates for connected embedded devices 

Remotely manage and deploy software updates to your connected device fleet at scale worldwide

Mender provides a secure and robust over-the-air (OTA) software update manager for embedded and connected devices. Mender makes it easy to deploy updates to a large number of devices in the field by providing an end-to-end solution. With an active open source community supporting a large number of different hardware and operating systems and growing every day, Mender has quickly become the primary choice for secure and robust firmware and software updates. Developers of world-class Qt products can use Mender to quickly and safely deploy application updates to their fleet of connected devices.

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Feature List

  • Application updates for fast, frequent and targeted updates: Packages, containers, files, directories, bootloaders, and proxy device deployment - enabling faster and more frequent updates
  • Full image system updates for robust and failsafe support: A/B partitioning provides automatic rollback functionality, for the most robust update process
  • State scripts to enable custom use cases to control how software is installed during the release and installation process
  • Update modules to allow partial updates of device software with capability to do proxy deployment to a peripheral device (e.g. MCU/TCU/ECU)
  • Advanced features such as robust delta updates, phased rollouts, scheduled deployments, two-factor authentication, multi-tenancy, and device grouping


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  • "Deploying software updates can induce a good amount of unease. With Mender, we can now confidently deploy OTA as security and reliability are central and not an afterthought." Jason Litzinger, Senior Software Engineer, Kinestral
  • "We did look at a couple of competitors and Mender in terms of features, robustness, security, and cost together made it an easy solution for us to choose."  Sandy Anuras, VP of Technology, Blokable 

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